Zytara app provides banking designed for Millenials and GenZ

Cheyenne, WY — December 3, 2020 — FinTech company Zytara today revealed its plans to launch a digital banking platform and payment network, designed for Millennial and Gen Z gamers and esports enthusiasts. Zytara, whose mission is financial inclusion and literacy among those audiences, plans to launch early next year…

Cheyenne, WY — 04 December — Zytara today announced that Andy Brown and Moritz Baier-Lentz have joined the company’s board of advisors. This follows the news released earlier this week around the company’s plans to launch the platform in early 2021.

Andy Brown, Silicon Valley investor and Moritze Baier-Lentz of BITKRAFT join Zytara’s Board

Andy Brown is the CEO of Sand Hill East…

Abstract: The IOUR Foundation proposes a new internet protocol with blockchain that favours open and decentralized resource management for a diversified and resilient network. IOUR’s vision is an internet that respects fundamental rights and freedoms around the world.

Diversity creates unhappiness. Denmark, where the population is pretty homogenous, is one…

With the value of most coins tumbling steeply over the past weeks, there has been a sharp downturn in the optimism surrounding the industry. This may not be a bad thing — we’ve also been seeing a shift from avarice to altruism.

Alex and me on a Malta evening crypto cruise

I met Alex Zaidelson on a crypto-cruise out…

Lisa Loud

Digital Currency Advisor for Zytara

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